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Artist Biography

Corey Hochachka, an award winning, professionally accredited photographer who lives in St. Albert, Alberta, was a long time member of the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC) and the Canadian Association of Professional Image Creators (CAPIC). Corey's love for the outdoors and the Creator has instilled in him a passion for photography of nature and it's inhabitants. Corey specializes in commercial advertising, industrial, stock, and fine art photography. He has been fine-tuning his talents since 1990 and has been able to pursue his dream professionally since 1998. In February 2010 Corey was named the 2010 Commercial Photographer of the Year for Alberta and Saskatchewan by PPOC-Alberta.

Corey graduated from The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology's 2-year Photographic Technology program in 1998 after completing the first year of the Fine Arts Program at Grant MacEwan College in 1996. He finished at the top of his class all three years, winning the Leo Le Clerc Scholarship award in his first year at N.A.I.T. Corey, who claims to not have a middle name, was born in Edmonton and lived there most of his life. While working at a warehouse, Corey struggled to put himself through school, raise his son as a single parent, and start a photography business (Troglodyte Photography Inc.).

With his workload growing like a fertilized dandelion through ad agencies and publishers, Corey searched for help and the company evolved into a network of skilled associates. When not spending time with family or working on projects, Corey can be found enjoying the great outdoors - caving, hiking or mountain biking. Having a strong background in fine art, Corey uses the power of the computer to bring his artistic visions to life. You can see more of his work on his stock agency's site ( - search for "Hochachka"). His portfolio, art cards and art prints can be viewed at

Artist Statement

I am a photographer because I love the visual image. I started taking pictures because I wanted to artistically capture memories of the special things in my life. I found the creative process of photography to be much faster, easier, more expressive, and less painful than drawing or painting. I enjoy the creativity and freedom of the medium - especially the control of the digital image and flexibility of modern digital cameras. My goal is to raise awareness of the possibilities of photography in the marketplace, helping clients to display their products more artistically - to create a greater appeal. With awareness raised, I am able to return to the love that has been lost since I started my photography business - the love of the fine art image. Seeing the printed image materialize gives me that sense of accomplishment and fascination that spurs me on. I especially enjoy the study of objects and creatures - focusing on the small, perfect details that make all things interesting and remarkable. As a child I was enchanted by frogs and bugs... I still am... and now I am able to combine that fascination with my love of art. I love to explore nature and man's interaction with it, marveling at God's amazing creation.

When starting a project, I usually have a theme in mind for a client, an art piece or stock photograph. A holiday, season, or an intended end use can direct that theme. Often, the theme is a study of a particular object or phenomena - like frost on reeds, or the delicate details of a flower. I find an interesting point of view and start exploring my subject from there, accentuating the most important and dynamic part of the object or scene. This 'focal point' is what dictates the lens I use and where to focus, allowing me to explore all the wonderfully intricate details or stories of the subject. Photography gives me the freedom and control I want to express the fascination I see. I also choose techniques like double exposure, Polaroid transfers, or digital manipulation to further enhance color, texture or mood. I seek out strong, warm, and rich colors because of their invigorating and eye-catching qualities.

I am currently striving to create stronger, more emotional images. Images to make the viewer feel for the subject, compelling them to explore the subject's details, or to trigger pleasant memories. I have always wanted to create images that are surreal, having a subtle message about the awesome greatness of our Creator. I now have the skills and the tools to realize that goal. In the past few years I have been able to play with digital composites and perfectly stitch together panoramic images. I am really starting to have fun again!

The six specific bodies of work that I am currently working on:

"Panoramic 'Scapes of Wonder" - a series of long panoramic images of objects and scenes around Canada and the USA. I began this series in 2002 while searching for an affordable way to create high-resolution panoramic images that could be printed longer and larger than traditional formats while still maintaining exceptional detail. In these works I have stitched together up to 13 film frames or digital captures to create one panoramic image. My goal is to be able to print an image large enough to encircle an entire room, a 360 degree panoramic view.

"Hidden Inspirations of His Creation" - inspirational biblical scriptures subtly hidden in scenic photographs. After years of thinking about how to create an artistic series that could truly share my wonder of God's creation, this series was started in 2004 from my existing imagery collection, and has flowed over to my panoramic series. It has inspirational text hidden in trees, along mountaintops and around curves and forms - subtle enough not to detract from the image, and interesting enough to make you glad you explored the work more closely.

"The Strange Womb of the World" - a surreal series depicting rocks and trees that take on human forms and human forms that blend with nature's rocks and trees. Have you ever 'discovered' faces in rocks, or watched the dance of dragons in the clouds? This series encourages the tendency to find the familiar in the abstract, taking advantage of the brain's pattern-recognition ability (pareidolia), while utilizing narrative imagery. It pieces together several images to create the impression of another, while leaving room for the imagination. Inspired by fellow artists, this series was started in 1997.

"If These Walls Could Talk - Stories of Dilapidated Disorder" - interior and exterior photographs of the crumbling homes and buildings that used to be important parts of our country's daily lives. Weathered wood, rust and the general decay of historic objects have long fascinated me. This ongoing series was started in about 1994, and attempts to explore, or have the viewer explore, the stories that could be told by these crumbling structures.

"Looking Out My Back Door - St. Albert's Hidden Beauty" - artistic photographs of the quiet times, and the wild times of the St. Albert, Alberta area. There is an old saying in photography circles - "The best place to take beautiful photographs is right where you live". Since I moved to St. Albert I have been exploring the festivals and the nature outside my back door and am gathering a great collection of the beauty that surrounds us throughout the seasons; much of it we ignore and take for granted.

"Just Playing Around - Toys and Toads" - photographs of frogs, lizards and other small animals interacting with children's toys and other small objects. More of a commercial venture at first, this series has turned into the humorous quest for more interesting ways to depict cute and colorful frogs and other critters. I plan to play with experimental printing techniques with these images - a way to make them more 'fine art' and less 'commercial'.

Corey Hochachka, CPA
Award-winning Founder and Senior Photographer
(PPOC nationally accredited in Commercial, Digital Manipulation, Stock & Animal Portrait Photography)

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